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Impressive 2020 Chardonnay at Leaning Post Wines

Posted 6/30/2023

Leaning Post WinesLeaning Post Wines


  Aromatic and well-balanced, Leaning Post Wines' 2020 Chardonnay kicks off with a satisfying, rich minerality.

Offering a distinct peach, apricot and mint aroma, the 2020 Chardonnay's full taste and fresh acidity bring a deeper suggestion of oak. This Leaning Post gem has a very long finish that makes you expect effervescence  - it just lasts that long. The wet stones that linger make you want to lay on a large slab of rock near Lake Ontario and melt into it.  Because you sort of already did.


Leaning Post Wines offers high quality VQA wines and warm hospitality

Today I dropped into the Leaning Post Wines on my first post-pandemic jaunt into the bucolic, lush lands that start in Hamilton and lead all the way to Niagara-on-the-lake.  I hadn't been through The Shire in a long time, and was so glad to be out on the road again.


Once I opened the Leaning Post's front door today, I found a busy, magical, welcoming world. Some people were arriving for their wine tastings and  others were already engaged in interesting wine analysis with the winery's proprietors and in-house experts. The atmosphere was relaxed, unassuming and genuine.


Leaning Post Wines has the perfect combination of a warm in-person atmosphere and quality VQA wines. It reminded me how much I missed wandering the Niagara Peninsula and discovering its fantastic boutique wineries. 


The Senchuk Vineyard at Leaning Post WinesThe Senchuk Vineyard at Leaning Post Wines


It's pretty amazing to get this kind of down-to-earth hospitality at a winery that delivers a quality 2020 Chardonnay like the one I just experienced.  


Earlier, I'd thought that great Chardonnay that exhibits the sophisticated minerality of our unique Niagara Escarpment terroir was only to be found at Beamsville and Jordan wineries part way up the hill. Not so! Leaning Post's exquisite Chardonnay definitely puts Hamilton on the map.


Ilya and Nadia Senchuk are the owners of Leaning Post Wines. On a recent visit when I asked Nadia about how the Niagara Escarpment affects their vineyard, she told me that the distance between both the escarpment and Lake Ontario is relatively small. In the summer, the wind off the escarpment keeps their terroir cool. In the winter, the lake air keeps it warm. She said that when Ilya chose the land, he manually tested the soil, looked at the incredible proximity to both the lake and the escarpment, and made an instant decision.


Leaning Post Wines
1491 Highway 8
Stoney Creek, ON
L8E 5K9