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 About Us

 Peninsula Ridge Winery patio restaurantPeninsula Ridge Winery patio restaurant




 I'm Margaret Khomenko and I write Niagara winery reviews from a local perspective.  

In the 1970s when my friend and I regularly hitchhiked to Niagara-on-the-lake from Niagara Falls after school, there were no vineyards or wineries yet. Now, several decades later and newly furnished with the WSET Level 2 award in wines, I'm fascinated by each Niagara winery and the visions of the people who run them.  All photos and reviews are original.  

 Following a 30-year career creating content in the digital space in Toronto,  I'm now a third-year University of Toronto student pursuing a BA in Slavic languages and literatures.  I'm also a designer at Tapestry Design and writer at Geopolitics Ukraine.