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Eco-friendly Winemaking at Malivoire Make High Quality Niagara Wines

Posted 8/28/2019

Award-winning Malivoire ChardonnayAward-winning Malivoire Chardonnay


Malivoire Wine Company, located in Lincoln (Beamsville), creates quality wines with an eco-friendly winemaking ethic that focuses on the vineyard.


Malivoire Wine Company, located in Lincoln (Beamsville), creates quality wines with a sustainable winemaking ethic that focuses on the vineyard. The winery, which has been in operation since 1996, is all about leaving the world in a better place. And its four different vineyards are a testament to viticulture techniques that prioritize ecology and have less environmental impact.

Keeping the vineyard's natural habitat in place

Sustainability is Malivoire's second name. In winemaking this means the whole is more important than a part, and you leave things better for the soil, fruit and next generation than the way you found them. From hand-picking the grapes to collecting and storing rainwater to sourcing supplies locally from sustainable companies and using less pesticides, Malivoire's sustainable methods helps keep their vineyards' natural habitats in place.

Of course, to say these practices have a profound effect on improving the taste of wine is a mild understatement.

A recent tasting of Malivoire's Estate Grown Chardonnay 2019 during the lockdown revealed something so alive and light, it was hard to believe it wasn't a sparkling wine. It made me want to dip some fresh fruit in a chocolate fondue and drink from a golden goblet wearing long white gloves, my velvet gown draping to the ground. All while visiting a castle with gold furnishings and shiny hardwood floors that gleam in the sun. Maybe next time.

The marvelous minerality of Malivoire's Chardonnay

Malivoire's Estate Grown Chardonnay 2019 is very smooth and balanced. It's fragrance is pure and elegant and the first sip is full without being sweet. It's refreshingly light and full-bodied at the same time, like a complex individual. The aftertaste has hints of cinnamon and lavender with bursts of fancy fruitiness. You almost feel a light flowery air coming in the window with a chalky, tangy mineral tinge that lingers.


Malivoire Winemaking CompanyMalivoire Winemaking Company


 Feeling magic at Malivoire Wine Company

There's a lot to discover at Malivoire and it's a place that's understated while feeling magical. Is it the special powers of the owl that's mysteriously perched above your head as you enter the cavernous winery's doors? Or do the green fir trees surrounding the bunker-like winery entrance speak more of nature's secret abundance? At any rate, Malivoire's sustainability ethics seep into you subtly like clean, fresh air.