Eco-Friendly Winemaking Makes a Difference – Malivoire Wine Company

Malivoire practices eco-friendly winemaking and sustainable farming

Malivoire Wine Company eco-friendly winemaking
Malivoire Wine Company’s outdoor wine-tasting area with colourful umbrellas in a forest

Malivoire Wine Company creates quality wines with an eco-friendly winemaking ethic that focuses on the vineyard. Malivoire’s sustainable practices have a profound effect on the fantastic taste of their wine.

This unique winery is located in Lincoln (Beamsville) and is dedicated to leaving the world a better place. Its four different vineyards are a testament to viticulture techniques that prioritize ecology. The winery’s practices end up having less of an environmental impact.

Malivoire’s dedication to the good of the whole extends to helping the entire hospitality industry. 480,000 restaurant workers lost their jobs due to COVID-19, according to the Toronto Restaurant Workers Relief Fund ( But wineries like Malivoire are donating to this fund to help restaurant workers survive. During the month of February, Malivoire Wine Company donated $5 for every order of 6 bottles, to In a December 2020 campaign to support the United Way, Malivoire sent over $1100.

Eco-friendly winemaking keeps the vineyard’s natural habitat in place

A Malivoire vineyard that supports eco-friendly winemaking

Sustainability is Malivoire’s second name. In winemaking, this means the whole is more important than one of its parts. Practicing sustainability involves leaving things better for the soil, fruit, and next-generation than the way you found them. Some of the winery’s eco-friendly practices include hand-picking, the grapes to collecting and storing rainwater to sourcing supplies locally from sustainable companies, and using fewer pesticides.

Malivoire’s Estate Grown Chardonnay has marvelous minerality

Malivoire'e Chardonnay made with eco-friendly winemaking
Malivoire Wine Company’s Estate Grown Chardonnay is excellently paired with chicken parmesan

This year my New Years’ resolutions kicked in a bit late. It was already February when I decided to pair Malivoire’s Estate Grown Chardonnay 2019 with a delicious home-cooked meal. There’s no better time to eat healthily and serve Chardonnay than when bunkered down under a few feet of snow. And while I usually write about my experiences of a winery’s spaces, wines, people, and their philosophies, I couldn’t make the drive to Malivoire Wine Company. Luckily, the LCBO staff found the Estate Grown Chardonnay 2019 easily. The staff member confessed, “I love Malivoire, and that’s all I drink,” as she rang me in at the cash.

Malivoire’s Estate Grown Chardonnay 2019 is very smooth and balanced. After an initial pure, elegant fragrance, the first sip is full without being sweet. This Chardonnay is refreshingly light and full-bodied at the same time, like a person whose complexities are revealed bit by bit. Bursts of fancy fruitiness are followed by an aftertaste that has hints of cinnamon and lavender. You almost feel a light flowery air coming in the window with a lingering mineral tinge that keeps things very alive.

The Old Vines Foch is made from 50-year-old vines, using eco-friendly winemaking techniques

Malivoire Old Vines Foch
Malivoire’s Old Vines Foch

One summer at Malivoire, I had a great chat with a winery professional, who encouraged me to give the Old Vines Foch a try. I had a mental vision of a very, very old vine, like a branch of Treebeard in Lord of the Rings. True to this image, the wine had an impressive, earthy taste of a sturdy older tree – or of a reed that’s been blowing in the wind a long while, is full of nutrients, and has seen many things.

What will Malivoire Wine Company help us to discover next?

Malivoire's retail shop sells wine made with eco-friendly winemaking
The entry to Malivoire Wine Company’s retail shop

There’s a lot to discover at Malivoire. It’s a place that’s understated while feeling magical. Is it the special powers of the owl that’s mysteriously perched above your head as you enter the cavernous winery’s doors? Or do the green fir trees surrounding the bunker-like winery entrance speak more of nature’s abundance? At any rate, Malivoire’s sustainability ethics seep into you subtly like clean, fresh air.

Malivoire Wine Company’s retail shop re-opened on March 6. They provide curbside pick-up 7 days a week.

Malivoire Wine Company
4260 King St., Beamsville, ON L0R 1B0
+1 866-644-2244