Breathtaking View of Niagara Wine Country – Megalomaniac Winery

Breathtaking view of Niagara Wine Country from Megalomaniac Winery

Megalomaniac Winery is perched at the top of the Niagara Escarpment in Vineland, offering a breathtaking view of Niagara wine country. It is also a winery with a unique offering. Megalomaniac has something for everyone, with splendid wines, rich gravel soil comprising much of its vineyards, a fine-tuned marketing strategy, and a grand space that’s available for weddings and other events. Everyone I know who lives in the region has visited the winery and returns home with a story to tell.

Megalomaniac Winery building

When you approach the winery built over its original cellar, you can see how the building combines elements of a statuesque and strikingly modern style. Perched at the top of the region, the Megalomaniac Winery lands provide a spectacular view as well as a liberating feeling that you never expected to feel. It’s an environment that you just don’t want to leave.

Envisioning a Bordeaux-style Niagara vineyard

John Howard, Megalomaniac’s owner, is a visionary. states that not only is he a part-owner of four Bordeaux winery estates in France, he believes that the spirit of Bordeaux can be reproduced in Niagara by implementing soils and viticulture that enable it to flourish.

Sampling a range of quality wines at Megalomaniac Winery

Megalomaniac Winery interior

When my party and I went for an elegant tasting experience in the summer of 2020, we were ushered into a private tasting area that was gorgeous. Our expert wine tasting guide explained each wine to us as well as how different sediments affect wine production.

On our tasting we were thrilled to sample four of their most popular selections:

  • Sparkling Personality – a sparkling wine that tasted light and fresh
  • Local Squeeze – a sweet and fruity Riesling with a touch of earthy aftertaste
  • Selfie – a full, bright and slightly spicy Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir – a new sample, very dry and “green”

Megalomaniac’s professional customer service touches you from the moment you book your wine tasting. Everyone representing the winery and its wines is informed, welcoming, and accommodating. Our tasting guide told us stories about the wine courses he takes at the winery, about John Howard’s former ownership of neighbouring Vineland Estates Winery, and how he decided on the winery’s name.

Megalomaniac Winery’s marketing genius

Megalomaniac’s marketing strategy is impressive, from its branding through to its pricing. The winery’s logo depicts a gent in a bowler hat without a face. The visual branding is a brilliant extension of how Megalomaniac was originally named. The story goes that the owner told his friends that he wanted to name his winery after himself. His friends mocked him for the idea, calling him a megalomaniac for even considering it. Thus was the brand’s faceless man and the name “Megalomaniac Winery” born.

Advertising and pricing

Rich gravel soil at Megalomaniac Winery

Online ads from Megalomaniac Winery now follow me around the Internet everywhere I go. The winery is one of the few in the Niagara Peninsula consistently investing in paid search engine marketing ads that remarket to anyone who visits their website.

The winery with the best view of Niagara wine country has very accessible pricing and gives away tasting glasses with names associated with megalomania on them. The tasting glasses I got say BIGMOUTH, NARCISSIST, POMPOUS, and OUTSPOKEN on them. These are great conversation pieces whenever guests who visit use them.

From its logo and ads to the names of its wines, there is a cohesive marketing strategy behind every word and image – and it works.

Megalomaniac Winery location in Vineland gives the best view of Niagara wine country

Megalomaniac Winery vines
Megalomaniac Winery vineyard

Having the best view of Niagara wine country comes with a special beauty that you feel when you first experience the winery’s land and elevation. As you drive up the long driveway that curves up to the winery, you can’t help but notice the gravel soil that’s produced a wide variety of quality wine.

You can drive to the winery from Highway 8 and climb the Niagara Escarpment along Cherry Street to its entrance – or travel up Highway 24 and traverse across Moyer Road to the estate. Once you get there, you’ll be surrounded by majestic vineyards that hug the curves of the hilly landscape.

Megalomaniac Winery 3930 Cherry Ave, Vineland, ON L0R 2C0