Niagara Winery Hospitality – Di Profio Estate Wines

Updated August 4, 2021

wine tasting at Di Profio Winery
Wine Tasting at Di Profio Estate Wines in Jordan

Di Profio Estate Wines in Jordan is a Niagara Winery with great hospitality. Our party first visited Di Profio in late summer 2019, long before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were immediately struck by the coziness of the space, the helpfulness of staff, and the enclosed outdoor patio that was heated and served guests year-round.

Recently when we dropped in to explore more about what makes Di Profio wines unique, we sampled some of the best Niagara winery hospitality all over again. There are delicious restaurant items in addition to an array of quality wines to try.

The outdoor patio looks out on a glorious vineyard that makes the setting idyllic. We felt the fresh Lake Ontario air breeze by as the wide blue sky opened above. True to their family-run credo of providing an outstanding welcome, the staff explained the details of each wine we sampled.

Sampling Di Profio’s impressive Gamay, Cabernet Merlot – and great customer service

Once at a table, we sampled four wines: Cabernet Merlot, Pinot Grigio, The Kitchen Zinc, and Gamay. While the Gamay and Zinc were light, the Cabernet Merlot was fuller and the Pinot Grigio exceptionally robust.

Best Niagara winery hospitality in a friendly wine tasting

Light and fruity meets dark and woodsy in Di Profio’s 2017 Cabernet Merlot Zinctastic. This Cabernet Merlot is smooth and full with a bright, bursting aftertaste that you don’t expect. The wine blends Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot and combines flavours that remind you of raspberry, currant, toast, and spice. It’s robust enough to balance the strong taste of prosciutto, salami, and the light bite of a Monterey Jack cheese. It definitely tastes oak aged with a touch of berry and spice, without tasting dry.

Best hospitality includes a tasty Cabernet Merlot at this Niagara winery

Since it was created in the 17th century through an inadvertent blend of Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc, vintners across the world have refined Cabernet Sauvignon’s rich, bold flavours and paired it with the sweeter Merlot. Sipping on Di Profio’s Cabernet Merlot is a bit like picking raspberries from some bushes in a hidden Niagara farm field. It’s like pouring them all into your mouth as fast as you can, then being enveloped by the aroma of a forest’s bark.

How many wineries in Niagara?

Di Profio Estate Wines' Mia Cara vineyard
A section of Di Profio Estate Wines’ Mia Cara vineyard

While there are close to 100 wineries in the entire Niagara Peninsula, under a dozen of them are located in Jordan. This tiny hamlet is located more or less halfway between the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario. We asked the winery staff if they considered their winery to be about mineral-infused white wines that have been made famous by the bench and escarpment wineries – or whether they feature the reds enriched by the warmth of the lake.

Our server pondered for a moment and said that each vineyard is its own unique environment that’s a microcosm of the land’s minerals and the weather. Some years the reds do better, and other years the whites do. That’s an answer only an expert could give. This winery is the essence of the best hospitality that a Niagara winery can offer. Di Profio Estate Wines also has an impressive array of affordable, quality wines.

Di Profio Estate Wines, 4055 Nineteenth Street, Jordan Station, Ontario, L0R 1S0, 905.562.7080