Welcome to the best of the Niagara Peninsula

Best of Niagara Peninsula describes some of the best Niagara wineries, vineyards, fruit stands, trails, and orchards. This is a journey through many establishments in the Niagara region that are both locally owned and, in some cases, family-run. The Niagara Peninsula stretches along Lake Ontario from Niagara Falls at the Canada-U.S. border across to Hamilton, Ontario.

Let’s start with some Niagara wineries

There are many reasons you might visit a Niagara winery in Niagara-on-the-lake, Jordan, Vineland, Lincoln, Hamilton, or anywhere in between. For some, it’s a place to relax on a coveted two-week annual vacation in one of the most serene landscapes around. For others, it’s a chance to step into the opulence of a grand building and sip an array of high-quality local Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah, Riesling, signature blends, and much more.

Niagara wineries are located in a magical place where lush meets superior quality. Some families enjoy the entertaining events that wineries hold (in non-COVID-19 times.) Many others are wine connoisseurs who make the special trek to September tastings after the summer tourists have all gone home.

What do Niagara wineries offer?

These are some of the things you can find at different wineries in the Niagara Peninsula:

  1. High-quality European wine-making traditions
  2. The concept of a tight family tradition, a family history, or local history
  3. The philosophy and vision of its owner and winemaker
  4. Its selection of wines and wine specialties
  5. The beautiful landscape, and how its location affects the wines it produces
  6. The eco-friendliness of its viticulture and quality of its fruit (grapes)
  7. Special wine-making techniques, according to wine type
  8. Wine tastings in an adjoining wine-tasting bar or summer patio
  9. Superior customer service, with professional wait staff educated in wine-making techniques
  10. The grandeur of its architecture and interior design that reflect its vision
  11. Spectacular views, restaurants, rental of its space, cooking courses, bicycling or tours
  12. A lifestyle of well-being and high quality associated with the region

Hear it from Niagara winery professionals

The content in each of these articles was created from informal in-person interviews I conducted with a multitude of professionals who own or work at Niagara wineries. As a digital marketer and writer, I am fascinated by the personal accounts of knowledgeable individuals who each have different takes on what makes a wine great. It’s always interesting talking to them – whether the focus is on the fruit, the land’s drainage and sediment, special techniques, treatments of the vines, preferred harvest times, or what the barrels are made of. Then there’s the special wizardry of each vintner’s art too, of course.

Written from a Niagara perspective

I have a special connection to Niagara wine country because I grew up in it. As a kid, I examined parts of the Escarpment’s shale rock with my brothers, picked strawberries on its farms, and rode my bike through its fields. To make sure that this content is relevant to what wine-lovers are searching for online, I’ve also done extensive keyword research and created content calendars that integrate information around topics with the highest search volume.

Each Niagara establishment has a unique personality

Indeed, each establishment has its special offering and personality that is marketed as a unique brand. From winery owners who are awe-inspiring purists to warm hosts who beckon you to a tasting, each offers a spectacular surprise of their latest recommended vintages. I’ve been meeting and experiencing as many of them as I can to offer up my personal impressions here.
– Margaret Khomenko